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Tales From The Hill

An EP of original music inspired by a group of friends’ annual magic mushroom picking trips to the Welsh hills.

‘Tales From The Hill’ is a sidestep from Bustawidemove’s recent Junglist phase and a return to some of the earlier Widedubz styles. 

TFTH is a mysterious and twisted, genre shifting ride, through different moodscapes and vibes.  Sometimes introspective and melancholy, sometimes in your face, sometimes off key and slightly disturbing blending orchestral and organic sounds with electronica, psychedelia, dubstep and junglist undertones to weave a story of mystical experiences, beautiful friendships and extreme good times. 

It is an ode to the beauty and power of the Welsh hills and a thank you to the forces out there that give us the gift of the Liberty Cap, whatever they may be. 

Put on your headphones and get ready for the ride....

Inspiration ​

As the melancholy of summer fades and the nights start to draw in, the beauty of Autumn arrives, with its spectacular colours and its bounty of nuts, berries and fungi.

For the last 21 years, a group of friends have made an annual, autumnal pilgrimage to the Welsh hills in search natures finest fruit, the Liberty Cap mushroom.

We spend weeks in an atmospheric old cottage, enveloped in the mystical, rolling hills, foraging in all weathers.  Sometimes, we don’t see a soul for the whole time that we were up there. It’s just us, the horses and of course, the sheep.

On the nights that we take the mushrooms, we have a sound system and a huge, celebratory fire.  It’s almost become like a ceremony or a Puja. Strong vibes abound, powerful experiences occur, visions, confusion, laughter…. lots of laughter. 


After the madness, thoughts become lucid, more focussed and calmer.  We see out the night on the hill until sunrise. 


Cheese on toast,


Wake up later feeling like a new human being.

The deep, sometimes, spiritual experiences of the mushrooms, combined with the starry skies, the solitude and beauty of the surrounding environment provided the perfect space for creativity.  With many of us being musicians, we had some incredible space jams and laments.  I personally was able to find space to explore my music productions and was inspired to create these tracks, which I’ve finally brought together into this EP. 

Read the story of each track here.

Tales From the Hill is dedicated to the Hill Crew 1998  – 2019. An inspirational and amazing bunch of people. I love you lot. Long may we continue to enjoy the fruits of the hill!

Myco, Emma, Phil Dread, Sense Amelia, Si Dread, Wendy, James G, Rayners, Jimmy Fizzle, Char Char, Julie D, Sizzla aka Mike Green, Itchi, Dannie P, Saggy, Melissa, Rich LV, Bex, Dan Coutts, Lester & Kerry Brown, Smiler and Becca, Will Whisson, Ella, Lucien, Richy, Suje,  Jackie and Willy, Paul Silver, Pauli Cyz, Mina Minnae, Vanessa G, Nick Rav

Huntin' for shrooms

Huntin' for Shrooms was a documentary that we made up in the hills in 2007.  Written and directed by Phil Good of Lazy Habits, it reached 250,000 hits on Youtube before being banned for showing the preparation of an illegal drug.